Addressing the world

Keeping Children Safe USA is an independent not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. We set out internationally recognized child safeguarding standards that ensure all organizations working directly with, and for children have comprehensive safeguarding measures in place. Our independence means that our standards and advice are not influenced by any other organization or government.

Our standards are recognized amongst others by USAID, the UN, the UK’s Department For International Development (now the FCDO), and the European Commission (EC), and enable organizations of all types and sizes to implement rigorous measures that protect children from abuse. 

Our CEO, Sarah Blakemore, testified before the United Nations Security Council 8349th meeting, at the request of Ambassador and President of the UN Security Council Nikki Hailey of the United States, regarding child sexual abuse during UN Peacekeeping operations.

Sarah called for strong protection systems to stop abuse from happening and, should it occur, to ensure that victims are protected and supported, and bring perpetrators to justice: “Too often victims have no way of reporting the abuse, no medical or psychosocial care and no access to justice,” she said. “We call on world leaders to champion the safety of children at the highest levels by requiring that all organizations involved in peacekeeping implement robust international child safeguarding standards, including having advocates for victims’ rights.” (Source)

Watch Sarah Blakemore’s compelling testimony on the UN Web TV website. (This video will open and play in a new window).

Setting the global standards

Keeping Children Safe sets tough International Child Safeguarding Standards to ensure organizations of all types and sizes protect children from exploitation and abuse.

That means training staff to understand appropriate language and behavior. Encouraging teams to run background checks on recruits and helping families and communities to understand what they can do to support young people. 

Keeping Children Safe’s core mission is to make sure children everywhere are safe from harm, which is why our International Child Safeguarding Standards (pdf) are open source and freely downloadable for use by organizations around the world.

What makes us special

  • We are the leading international convener and supporter of organizations committed to upholding and championing International Child Safeguarding Standards.
  • We are a powerful global advocate for ending child abuse and protecting the rights and dignity of victims and survivors.
  • We are a trusted provider of context specific, culturally sensitive, independent, quality-assured and open-source child safeguarding resources, information and training.
  • We are a credible source of rigorous agenda-setting research to drive effectiveness and innovation and build the evidence base on child safeguarding

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Be part of the solution by making a generous donation to Keeping Children Safe USA, contributions to which are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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