How you can help

Silhouette of children jump gladness happy time
Silhouette of children jump gladness happy time

There are many ways you can make a difference. From direct action to generous donations, everything you do will help keep children safe. You can start helping by….

  • ensuring that organizations entrusted with your children’s care have rigorous child protection and safeguarding measures in place. Do you really want to entrust your children to them if they don’t? If they don’t, please refer them to us. We can certainly help!  
  • using our parents’ checklist to help you make this important decision.  
  • Making a tax-deductible donation to support and further our work. Your generous donation helps us prevent child abuse in organizations, institutions, and sports through policy, education, research, and training. Together, we can transform lives now and for years to come. Prevention is more effective than compensating for child abuse after the damage has been done.
  • contact us for a free self-assessment if your company or organization works with, or is entrusted with, the care of children and you want to make sure you have rigorous child protection and safeguarding measures in place. 
  • thinking about “liability.” If you’re an insurer, or attorney representing an organization or corporation that works with children, can your client(s) financially survive a huge settlement and loss of reputation for not having a rigorous child safeguarding policy in place? Isn’t their job to protect children entrusted to their care? A jury will think so.   

….and last, but by no means least, you can help us by supporting our work with a generous donation – which helps our work to keep children safe.

Why fund our work?

As an independent not-for-profit, we need the generous help
of people like you to support the work we do.
There is still a lot of work still to be done.

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